Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Two Months Remaining in 2009 Transportation Map Photo Contest

Georgia Department of Transportation Board Member W.P “Billy” Langdale reminds photographers eager to showcase their talent that there is still time to submit pictures for the 2009 State Highway and Transportation Map. The contest is open to all Georgia residents with an April 30 deadline for submitting.

“Last year was the first year we asked the public to send pictures for the state map and it was a positive experience,” Langdale said. “The pictures showed Georgia’s hidden gems. We’ve got some pretty talented folks in this state.”

The photograph selected to represent Congressional District 2 on the 2008 state transportation map was submitted by Bibb County resident Mike Clinard. The picture shows a blanket of morning mist over the cemetery located within Andersonville National Historic Site in Sumter County.

Following are some of the requirements for submission:
· Photos should be taken at the highest resolution available on the digital camera (Minimum size: 1000x1000 pixels, 200 ppi, 1MB)
· Image of a transportation-related area or tourism attraction in Georgia
· Image must be a High Quality Color image in GIF or JPEG or JPG format.
· All photos should be submitted to the Georgia DOT website
· Photos MUST be submitted online by April 30
· Georgia DOT will not pay for the rights to use the photo; however, the Map will list the names of winning photographers.

In August the State Transportation Board will select the 13 photos to be included in the 2009 state transportation map. Winners will be notified in writing by September 30.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is committed to providing a safe, seamless and sustainable transportation system that supports Georgia’s economy and is sensitive to both its citizens and its environment. For general information on the Georgia DOT, please visit our Web site (
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