Monday, March 31, 2008

Community-based Soap Opera Targeting Clayton County Teenagers

Thanks to the partnership with FYI Events, Inc. a community based 501(c) 3 and Georgia’s Art Council Grassroots Arts Program, Enough Entertainment, a public relations, advertising and event planning agency, is excited to introduce a free Teen Soap Opera Production Camp Audition for adolescents [ages 10-17] on April 6, 2008 at the Clayton County Headquarters Library in Jonesboro, Georgia from 1:00pm-5:00pm. The FREE production camp on April 7th- 12th is designed to entertain and inform selected participants as they learn how to produce a soap opera series that represents their community.

The mission of the program is to teach camera and lighting techniques, acting cues, scriptwriting, audio and production design tips that motivate our adolescents especially females to learn teamwork, conflict resolutions, social skills and basic writing rules. “We believe our series of shows can inspire participants to have confidence, express diverse opinions and explore careers behind the scenes of the entertainment industry”.

The President and CEO of Enough Entertainment began to see the effects of the entertainment industry on the spirits of adolescents in our Southern states and wondered how she could help. Realizing there were still few programs teaching youth in rural communities how to be confident adults, she decided to create a series of shows that encourages adolescents especially females to feel comfortable in their skins, make a smooth transition into adulthood and to be confident when following their passion [LIGHT] in life. “Our program’s content is on subject matters not traditionally taught in school systems but have a significant impact on the adolescent’s decision making process, self-esteem and integrity”.

Enough Entertainment plans to expand this free production camp throughout the Southern region of the United States and the Guadalajara, Mexico area. Targeted populations are parents below the two-hundred percent poverty level, ex-offenders, foster care and college-educated parents of middle class African American and Latin American adolescents. Kesha Barajas (Program Director) states, “We believe this innovative approach can promote social change that inspires our youth to openly tell the world their solutions.” Our free camp is designed to accomplish three main objectives:
Strengthen the teamwork and self-acceptance among adolescents.
Help build the participants’ confidence and integrity.
Produce age-appropriate programs and positive exposure for our sponsors.

With the expertise of Kesha Barajas (Program Director) and Tandi Productions, a video, film and television production company we plan to administer workshops, seminars, and hands-on demonstrations to teach adolescents how to effectively express an opinion using real life experiences. “Our dedicated staff and parent volunteers will work together to provide guidance and direction to the teams as they compete to win performance awards, prizes, and the opportunity to become a paid contributing writer for the program’s official online publication: This Little Light of Mine Magazine” states, Kesha Barajas.

Sponsors include: Clayton County Public Libraries, Georgia’s Art Council Grassroots Arts Program, Tandi Productions Enterprises, Freestyle Productions, Personal Touch Nail care, Keshia Jackson [Fusion Salon and Spa] and Enough Entertainment, LLC.

For more information on Enough Entertainment’s services and series of shows [KeRae’s Common-Sense Tips; KeRae’s Cooking 101; KeRae’s Dance Class; Public Service Announcement (PSAs); Teen Soap Opera and Music Spotlight], please call 404.446.7240 or visit

Enough Entertainment, LLC is a creative public relations, advertising and event planning agency specializing in progressive communication ideas. Since 2000, we have been committed to managing and executing events, providing brand enhancing solutions and implementing cost-effective campaigns for our clients. Our experience has allowed us to work with various product and service companies, entertainment groups and non-profit organizations. In addition to providing our clients with first-class service and positive exposure, we offer grassroots promotions, image consulting, consumer research and a variety of print/video productions. Our core methods focus on listening, researching and implementing a strong plan of action that can enhance our clients’ brand in the community. Our mission is to be an innovative leader in providing personalized marketing strategies, quality events, and cost-effective advertising solutions that strengthen the community and increase our clients’ bottom line. The official Web page is scheduled for an April 2008 debut.

It all began several years ago when our insightful leader decided to move to Dallas, Texas after graduation. Why Dallas? Well, after deciding to test her talents in the real world- she covered her eyes and Dallas was the first city her finger touched. She had no idea that this adventure would become the birthplace of her legacy. Like most college graduates, bills were piling up and she had no idea what direction to take her life. In a panic she began waiting tables in a prestigious part of Dallas called Beltline. One day a woman sat in her section and changed her life. The customer was rude, cheap and condescending to the point where she said, “Enough”! The next day Ms. Crockett established Enough Entertainment. Yes, she eventually quit, but not before convincing a manager to sponsor her company’s first event: “Can Food Drive for the Homeless.”

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