Monday, August 23, 2010

Talking about Elliott King, Guest Curator for High Museum's Dali Exhibit

We just had a tiny discussion on Twitter about the wonderfully Dali-brilliant Elliott King. King is the guest curator for the High Museum of Art Atlanta's Dali: The Late Work.exhibit. He is a phenomenal fount of knowledge when it comes to Salvador Dali.

The exhibit is outstanding as we've written about in previous articles -- you must go see it while it's here in Atlanta. This is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to see works from so many diverse locations all under one roof.

If you get to hear King talk about the works at any of the numerous film showings or other public offerings you will be doubly amazed! He is truly a Dali scholar and we think the High made the perfect choice with King as guest curator.

On our Twitter note we said King was "dapper"... We thought we'd share a couple of photos and let you decide whether calling him dapper was the right description. Oh, we also said he was very cool. Love the glasses, love the shoes, the hankie in the pocket... We have a bio of King somewhere, gonna have to dig it up for you. He's worth an article all on his own.

Here's our commentary on the Dali exhibit:

We went... we saw... we did not conquer!

Two of us from Arts Across Georgia trekked downtown to the High Museum of Art Atlanta on Tuesday to see Dali: The Late Work. I realize it isn't very suave to... More

(If you go to the article you'll find the official press release from the High on the exhibit on the same page, PLUS a slide show. We're going back again, and maybe again, and again...)

Here's another article (we may have to make a special trip on Delta just to fly on this airplane!):

Dali’s Mustache Finds New Home on a Delta Plane

7/27/10 In celebration of the High’s new exhibition, “Dalí: The Late Work,” Delta has decked out a 757 plane with a Salvador Dalí-esque mustache. The plane, which went into service today, will... More

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