Tuesday, October 21, 2008

City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs / Public Art Program “NOGUCHI PLAYSCAPES RESTORATION”

The City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs has begun the process of restoring the Noguchi Playscapes, a sculptural playground installation located in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. Noguchi Playscapes was designed by internationally renowned sculptor, designer, and architect Isamu Noguchi and completed in 1976.

In Phase I of the project, the Office of Cultural Affairs’ Public Art Program (OCA/PAP) hired the Conservation Team, Jablonski Berkowitz Conservation to assess the site and design a work plan for restoring the artwork. In Phase 2 of the conservation project, the OCA/PAP secured the services of Donna Williams Conservation, a Los Angeles-based art conservation team to perform professional restoration of the Noguchi Playscapes. The conservation team includes local architect Amy Landesberg, Pellegrom Construction, and sculptor Jeffry Loy. The work has begun and is scheduled for completion by mid-December of 2008.

The Office of Parks, Office of Cultural Affairs and the city arborists are supporting this restoration project and the refurbishment of the grounds. The planning for the project took several years under the guidance of the Office of Cultural Affairs Public Art Program Manager Eddie Granderson and Office of Cultural Affairs Director Camille Russell Love.

On May 1, 1976, Playscapes was officially opened at Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. It is the only Playscapes of its kind by Noguchi in the continental United States and the City of Atlanta is fortunate to have an “artwork” from such a prominent internationally acclaimed contemporary artist.

“The Playscapes is a unique landmark in our city’s most prominent park. It is part playground and also qualifies as high art. After such a long planning phase, we are excited to embark on this historic restoration and bring the Noguchi Playscapes to its former glory for future generations to enjoy.”
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