Monday, August 18, 2008

The Sistine Chapel Gets A Charleston Brush Stroke

24-7 - Painted 12,000 square feet onto the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel is the depiction of famed Italian artist Michelangelo's biblical scene of God's Creation of the World, God's Relationship with Mankind and Mankind's Fall from God's Grace. Michelangelo's fresco tells a story to the world that words couldn't explain, that only he as an artist envisioned putting in pictures. For over five hundred years the painting has become a spectacle worthy of seeing time and time again. However time has left its trace upon the famed images that one Charleston S.C. artist is putting his artistic stroke to revamp The Sistine Chapel.

If the restoration in 1984 wasn't e enough to raise questions, many scholars believe that attempting to restore the immaculate works of art once more will tarnish the uniqueness of the Michelangelo masterpiece once in for all, while others may deem the idea improbable.

When The Sistine Chapel underwent a drastic make over it caused such a controversy, that historians and scholars differed on opinions as how to save the ailing work of art from losing its distinctiveness. That they fought to keep the history in tack from losing its original luster painted by Michelangelo.

Well we can only imagine what they are saying today, now that The Sistine Chapel is undergoing yet another monumental restoration process. But this time, on a scale un-parallel to what they can imagine.

Six months ago a Charleston native and artist had an idea. That idea was to recreate The Sistine Chapel and add a more contemporary appeal to it without tainting the story line or ruining the novel conception illustrated by Michelangelo. August 22nd, Kermin Middleton makes the attempt as he unveils The Sistine Chapel "Converted Gems: The Michelangelo Remix" at Castleberry Hills in Atlanta, and all eyes will be waiting to see what he's completed to restore what the world has come so amazed with each time it is viewed.

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