Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Guests Take a Photographic Journey (Morrow, Georgia)

The Morrow Business & Tourism Association hosted an unveiling of a new art exhibit on Monday, August 18, 2008, at 7:00 p.m. The unveiling took place at the Morrow Business & Tourism Association (MBTA) Executive Suites, 1115 Mt. Zion Road in Morrow, Georgia. The exhibit, which is entitled “Portraits of Morrow: A Photographic Journey,” includes photographs by local photographer Larry McDonald. The photographs are intended to take visitors on a journey around the most notable points of interest in Morrow.

Photography has been a passion of Larry McDonald’s for many years. He didn’t get serious about it until about 1990 when a friend of his loaned him a camera. With a little education on the subject and a lot of film, McDonald got behind the lens at every opportunity! He’s currently striving to develop and refine a style of his own. McDonald notes, “By using various lenses and filters, the subject is my canvas and the camera my paintbrush, black and white as well as color.”

McDonald is the owner of Vintage Photography Studio in Jonesboro, Georgia, and he is a board member and staff photographer for the Arts Clayton Gallery. McDonald’s artwork has been seen in numerous publications including arts & expressions magazine and SEASON magazine. McDonald’s artwork has also graced the walls of many local businesses such as Barnes & Noble Booksellers Southlake and Clayton State University.

Other pieces of artwork on display in the MBTA’s exhibit are from Morrow Fire Chief Mark Herendeen, Morrow City Clerk Sylvia Redic, and Mrs. Peggy Millirons, wife of Morrow Mayor Jim Millirons.

The City of Morrow is located 14 miles south of downtown Atlanta. For more information about the City of Morrow, visit http://www.cityofmorrow.com/. For more information on the MBTA, please visit http://www.morrowtourism.com/ or call 770-968-1623.
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