Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pottery and Pickles at Mudfire: Shadow May, Megan Daloz, Dilly Beans

Shadow May 2011

Opening Saturday, March 12, 5:00-9:00 PM
Show Continues Through May 14, 2011

Shadow May has been working in clay for almost 20 years. He began studying and making functional pottery in high school in Alaska and earned a Bachelors in English and Art History at University of Alaska. Shadow went on to apprentice with a series of production potters before furthering his studies at the Penland School of Craft and Haywood Community College as Ceramics major. In 2000, he established his own studio practice. Solidly grounded in the functional, he has trended towards increasingly larger and more sculptural clay works.

His work balances soft earthy finishes with rugged monumental forms. The show is alive with gesture and motion, and gives the feeling of freshly hewn rock. Shadow continues to extend his personal vocabulary with characteristic cuts, ridges, gouges, glass runs, and the use of fired shells. The exhibit includes new sculptural vessels with serious heft and big-time presence.

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Megan Daloz Solo Show
"Field Studies"

Opening Saturday, February 19, 5:00-9:00 PM
Show Continues Through April 16, 2011

Megan Daloz studied glassmaking and ceramics at Alfred University, and is currently a studio potter and a full-time commercial illustrator. She lives in Atlanta and is a resident artist and instructor at MudFire Clayworks.

Daloz's clay work is painstakingly decorated with images of bees, weeds, mopeds, minotaurs and other creatures one frequently encounters in an urban setting. Recorded and rendered with the practiced eye of a naturalist, the images together produce a curious and splendidly illustrated collage of modern life. Individually, her pieces capture the un-affected essence of free-range dinosaurs, cage-free weasels, and a profusion of botanicals. To say nothing of the mycological fascinations!
Witness these wonders and read more at MudFire's little corner of the web.

Pickle of the Month

MudFire Gallery is now the world's first and only Pottery and Pickles Gallery. Well, as far as we know. The important thing is we've got 12 different varieties of gourmet Southern pickles and will feature a new pickle in this newsletter each month. Holy excitement Batman!

February's Pickle of the Month is Dilly Beans by Hillside Orchard of North Georgia. These crunchy full length green beans are tart and zesty with dill, garlic, and jalepeno peppers providing a rich layered flavor. The beans themselves are simply awesome - but we have to admit we're particularly fond of the big crunchy garlic cloves at the bottom of the jar.

Pottery and Pickles!


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