Thursday, February 24, 2011

Arts in the Heart of Augusta Receives Bronze Kaleidoscope Award for Best Website

Arts in the Heart of Augusta was among the best and brightest spotlighted at Southeast Festivals and Events Kaleidoscope Awards. Hosted at the Stone Mountain Inn, St. Mountain, Georgia, February 21-23, the ceremony was held in conjunction with the annual Southeast Festivals and Events (SFEA) conference. Top festivals and events throughout the southeast were recognized for their outstanding contribution to the events industry.

“The quality of submissions continues to go up each year making it more difficult to choose only one winner,” mentioned Carolyn Morris, executive director for SFEA. “It is a shame that only one can ‘win gold.’ It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your event or community and award those who have worked hard created the perfect event or festival. The recognition a festival gets for winning is priceless.”

Arts in the Heart of Augusta won a bronze kaleidoscope award for best website.

“The Arts in the Heart of Augusta Festival continues to find new and inventive ways to bring the festival to life via extensive marketing and promotion. In 2010 RedWolf, Inc. brought the festival website to new levels of new innovation by programming an interactive map of the Fine Arts and Crafts Area, allowing browsers to ‘meet’ each artist in advance of walking into the festival. We are proud to have won the SFEA Bronze award for our website. The Arts in the Heart committee will continue to look for ways to improve our festival at every level,” says Brenda Durant Executive Director of the Greater Augusta Arts Council when asked about the award.

The Greater Augusta Arts Council is located at 1301 Greene St. in Augusta, GA. Its mission is to advance the arts and thus, enrich the quality of life in Augusta and the Central Savannah River Area.

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