Friday, May 21, 2010

Metro Market Atlanta Open!

I spent the day at the new Metro Market Atlanta on Piedmont Road in Buckhead today. They're just getting started on this new venture to bring a European style market to the Buckhead area. It's located in the old Buckhead Design Center, just off I-85 ( for directions and more info).

It's a great location and it offers a wide variety of products ranging from art to books to purses to food and produce! The building is very eye-catching and there's plenty of parking in the front and back.

They're still looking for high quality vendors to fill a few of the empty spots. Currently they have pottery, paintings, leather work, clothing (very neat original works in two spots), an author, purses, cheese (excellent cheese, I bought some after sampling), jewelry, hand-crafted dolls, organic and fresh produce, garden tools and products, and much, much more.

There is a huge area set aside for children. The murals on the wall are inviting and fun! You'll see the kid's area in the slide show I'm including on here.

I talked to a number of vendors and many are repeats. Some took a space for the entire month, others are just there for one or more weekends. Everyone seemed so extraordinarily helpful and pleasant! It was a rather pleasant atmosphere.

In addition to my cheese (swiss, ginger cheese and a pepper crusted gouda), I came home with a unique pair of earrings. There's also a booth with hand-crafted jeweled thing-a-ma-bobs to hold your hair. I should know what they're called, but it's after 11 p.m. and I'm too pooped to go look it up! It's on the slide show...

Kim Painter Chesney has some wonderful works of "realistic impressionism" and encaustics (an ancient technique incorporating wax and oils). She has been featured in Flourish Art Magazine and has won awards for her work.

Other artists include Vickie Martin (mixed media and collage), Ben Happens (unusual and unique leather purses and other items), Keli's Kreations (very nice clothing), Diamonds & Pearls Couture ('clothes that make you feel like a diamond, by Elle, fashion designer), Castle Gate Designs (jewelry), Hummingbird Hollow Pottery and many others.

I chowed down on a four-cheese calzone from Buckhead Italian Market and Restaurant for lunch. Later I sinned with a decadent chocolate brownie. I saw some tempting salads and pizza, too.

If you're passing through Atlanta this weekend, or any weekend through the end of June, zip off onto Piedmont and stop in for a visit! Even if you're not interested in the art (shame, shame if you're not!) you can grab some stellar cheese, some veggies or consider buying one of Diana Black's books. Every weekend there are new vendors and new things to check out.

It won't be long before the new Market is full and with the change out of artists and vendors each week it'll be like a new venture every time you visit!

I'll be going back to the Metro Market again and will be adding more photos... plus I'm going to have a spinach calzone, buy a painting and maybe try the baklava!

- jmd

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Vickie Martin said...

Love the article!!!! and the pictures! Thanks for the Shout-out too!