Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Georgia Council for the Arts Adjusts Budget

First, Georgia Council for the Arts is making further adjustments to its administrative budget. The news from this session of the Georgia General Assembly is not good. The continuing slide of state tax revenues confirms a $3 billion deficit and that there will be additional substantial cuts to the Governor’s proposed budget for FY2010, which begins in July.

GCA is reviewing every option and assessing all expenditures. An already lean administrative budget is undergoing additional cuts: GCA is functioning with only 67.1% of its required workforce. In compliance with the Governor’s mandate to cut agency budgets by 10%, FY2009 grants were reduced by 3.5% in August of 2008. Agency administrative cuts made up the remaining 6.5% .

This month, GCA e-News contains the results of a survey conducted by GCA that provides an overview of the effect of the economic crisis on Georgia’s arts industry. While the media has focused on corporations, the results of this survey provide a reminder that the arts industry also feels the effects of a struggling economy. This edition of the GCA e-News * focuses on the economic recession and it’s impact on the arts and GCA, the latest projections from various experts, and news from other states. GCA hopes you find the information helpful.

Second, the next grant application deadline is March 9. Phase one of the application submission process provided many important lessons, including a realization that a number of applicants are still not clear on how to correctly attach components of the Grants Proposal Package to e-Grant. To assist with the process, GCA has created a document for download and review, available via the home page of the website, that outlines the procedure step-by-step. Remember, every applicant is required to apply for all grants through the e-GRANT SYSTEM.

As always, contact the staff of GCA is there is a need for any additional assistance. Your comments, suggestions and feedback are always welcome.
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