Saturday, June 7, 2008

Grantville Days Set For Sept. 27 & 28

Grantville Day was established in the 1990s as the City's annual community festival. During the past few years it has undergone several changes but the character of it remains about the same. Last year the date was changed from the traditional (super-hot) second Saturday in June to the balmy end of September, and its name was changed to The New Grantville Days Festival not only because of the month change but also because it was held on TWO days (Saturday and Sunday) instead of one.

This year the festival will also be held for two days -- Saturday and Sunday -- and the dates will be the end of September -- 27 & 28, but the name will be changed again, this time to "Grantville Days Crosstie Festival". The "Crosstie" refers to the railroad tracks, which is not suprising because Grantville is named after Mr. L.P. Grant, who was the Railroad President during the late 19th century. Also, the railroad freight depot is used by Grantville Day, mainly for the music.

The Grantville Day Chairman, Sandra Luttrell, has announced that applications are now open for vendors -- food vendors as well as arts/crafts/antiques vendors -- and that she is the one to contact. She can be reached by email at, or by phone [at 770-583-2147 (business) or 770-583-9013 (home) or 770-304-6014] or by dropping in at her Luttrell's Family Restaurant on Main Street in Grantville.

Luttrell has also announced that she is now selling ads for the Grantville Day brochure, which is an 8 1/2 " x 11 " booklet containing the Grantville Day program and various other items of information about Grantville and Grantville Day. She can be reached for info on this by phone or email or in person. The rates for the ads are $400 for a full page ad, $200 for a half page ad, $100 for a quarter page ad and $57 for am eighth page ad. All area businesses are invited to take out ads in the booklet. Just mail in your ad along with a check to Luttrell at 276 LaGrange Street, Grantville, GA 30220.

There are many events being planned for Grantville Day. Announcements will be made about each of them when they are finalized.

Grantville is a small city in southern Coweta County located at Exit 35 on Interstate 85.

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nick said...

It should be clarified that this event is being produced by a private interest with no official connection or sanction from the City of Grantville City Council, of which I am an elected member. The dates were established and protected so that no competing event would be approved for that date.

All successes, issues, profits and liabilities have been and continue to be directed through private interests. The event producers have submitted an event permit application as would any proposed event in the City of Grantville.