Saturday, April 26, 2008


More than 2,430 Arts-Centric Businesses Employ 23,198 People

Earlier this month the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs released its Creative Industries 2008 report which presents detailed analysis of arts-related businesses, institutions, and organizations in Atlanta. The local report is part of a national study on creative industries conducted by Americans for the Arts, the nation’s leading non-profit organization for advancing the arts. Arts-centric businesses represent 4.3 percent of all businesses and 2.2 percent of all jobs in the United States and illustrates that the arts are a robust and formidable economic growth sector.

In Atlanta:

· More than 2,430 arts-related businesses employ 23,198 people.
· Arts-centric businesses grew 18.94 percent from 2007
· Employment growth by arts-centric businesses since 2007 was 22.08 percent.

And nationwide:

· More than 612,000 arts-related businesses employ 2.98 million people.
· Arts-centric businesses grew 12 percent from 2007 compared to the growth of 10.7 percent for all U.S. businesses.
· Employment growth by arts-centric businesses since 2007 was 11.6 percent, more than four times the rise in the total number of U.S. employees of 2.4 percent.

Combining Dun & Bradstreet data and geo-economic analysis, the study tracks and maps the presence of these arts-related entities in six creative industries: museums and collections; performing arts; visual arts and photography; film, radio, and TV; design and publishing; and arts schools and services. These creative industries range from nonprofit museums, symphonies, and theaters to for-profit film, architecture, and advertising companies.

“This study reveals the extraordinary presence of the creative industries throughout Atlanta,” said Camille Russell Love, Director of the Office of Cultural Affairs. “Cultural programs and the arts are fundamental components of the national and local economy, and one in which the Atlanta community has a stake.”

The entire Creative Industries 2008: The 50 City Report, as well as additional reports on states and U.S. Congressional Districts, can be found at:

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