Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Voices Announces Contribution to Wellspring

Voices held the second presentation of their 2007 "Canto ad una Terra, Song to One World" as a benefit for Wellspring Living on September 15 of last year. The presentation was a first class, fully staged production that presented an eclectic combination of music; everything from pop favorites, Disney tunes, musicals, Christian contemporary, world music to classical-crossover and straight classical, including instrumental, operatic and symphonic pieces.

After closing post-production and starting preparations for this year, Voices is glad to announce that they were able to make a $2,000.00 donation to Wellspring as a result of the benefit.

"Selling tickets to a musical production seemed the ideal way to offer support for this endeavor. It is a wonderful way to contribute to this program. In this way, we help them assist women whose lives have been devastated by drug and alcohol addictions, depression, working in the sex industry and other behaviors that stem from the core issue of childhood sexual abuse" explained Maria Pia Ugarte, Artistic Director of Voices, during last year’s season.

Wellspring provides a no-cost residential program for women. For the first six months in the program, this organization offers women an intensive, therapeutic environment followed by supported transition during the last six months. The structured daily program provides opportunity for holistic change, offering both group and individual sessions and activities dealing with the body, soul and spirit. (For more information, please visit the Wellspring Living website at www.WelspriingLiving.org.)

"It has been our absolute pleasure being able to make this contribution," explains Ms. Ugarte. "None of this would have been possible, though, without the enthusiasm and collaboration of those involved. I could give you a list of names that would fill a whole page.” Evidence of this is the long list posted on the Voices website, which in actuality is two pages long (2007 Canto ad Una Terra.)

With about 130 people that were involved in this production, 100 of which were on stage, Ms. Ugarte explains “every single one that participated made this happen, each one of them; as well as our sponsors, who believed in what we were trying to do and in us at such an early age! It is certainly our intention to continue this kind of contributions as an ongoing practice, as much as possible.”

Voices is currently in the planning stages for 2008. More details about this season and further years are to be released in the upcoming weeks. For information about Voices or if you are interested in being a part of this organization on stage, behind the scenes or within their administrative body, please visit www.VoicesOnine.org or email their Artistic Director at maria.pia.ugarte@VoicesOnline.org. Voices is actively seeking for volunteer to assume the role of Media Relations Representative.

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